The Language of Money

Do you ever think of the common words we use around personal finance? Words like debt, money, cash, credit, and retirement. We use them often when talking personal finance, and honestly, we really don’t give them a second thought because we understand them and thief …

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Songs About Money We Love

songs about money

Do you have any songs about money stuck in your head? Music can be very inspirational and motivating for many different reasons. I listen to most genres of music, rock and roll, pop, rap, and punk often to relax or calm my mind from the …

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Debt to Income Ratio: What’s In It for Borrowers?

debt to income ratio

When applying for a loan, the lender will extensively check the past and current state of your finances to determine your Debt to Income Ratio. They will evaluate your debts and income to compute their ratio, which is one vital factor to determine whether or …

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Powerball Payout – Smaller Jackpots, More Winners


I’m pretty confident we’ve all daydreamed about a 100 million dollar Powerball payout. Winning the lottery provides a windfall of money that would instantly change our lives. The winnings would give us the ability to clear any debts, possibly help family, friends, and pursue just …

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Money Songs We Love

money songs

I have been inspired by some recent posts over at Budgets are Sexy outlining some lyrical lessons from two recent pop song hits. It got me thinking about other songs about money that might help motivate and inspire you. Here’s my list of money songs, …

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8 Best Movies About Money Of All Time

I’ve been a big fan of television and movies for a long time. I majored in television production and film in college. In fact, I have written several feature-length screenplays and other scripts. Believe it or not, out of college I had a literary agent in Hollywood for a period.

I landed my first full-time job working in the television industry and gravitated towards the IT side once employed, and as they say the rest is history. I’ve focused on the IT side of things for over twenty years now.

Although I do not watch many movies and television as I once did. (I have found a better use for my free time) I still enjoy the creative side of the industry, developing a story, creating characters, etc. I hope to write more scripts in the future.

With that said I wanted to share some of my favorite money movies.

money movies

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Raising Future Millionaires

Maybe it’s a bit presumptuous on my part to title this post “Raising Future Millionaires”, a better title may have been “Raising Potential Future Millionaires.” Although I do not know what the future exactly holds for my three children, I do know my wife and …

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Our A-ha Money Moment – Maxed Out

There has been a lot of buzz over the last week in the personal finance blogosphere. It started with the 2014 Financial Literacy Awareness Carnival over at the Heavy Purse and continued on Monday at Budget are $exy. As usual I’m late to the party …

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