How to Pay Off Debt This Year

pay off debt

If you have debt, I bet you think about how to pay off debt quite often. In fact, that debt might be the primary source of stress in your life. Debt can make you anxious, keep you up at night, and cause problems in relationships. …

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How to Raise a Bad Credit Score to Save Money

caution spray painted on wall

Have you ever consider how a bad credit score could be affecting your finances? Credit bureau Experian considers a credit score between 300-579, a bad credit score. If you’re currently working your way towards a debt-free life, then chances are you may not have always …

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How the Debt Snowball Works

girl holding snowball

You may have heard of Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball as a popular method for getting out of debt. We’re going to share how the debt snowball works so you can decide whether it’s a smart way for you to get your debt paid off. The …

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Your Student Loan Debt Doesn’t Have to be Stressful

student loan debt

While the national economy appears to be improving, millions of Americans are still tied down with massive debt loads. For example, total student loan debt has climbed to $1.5 trillion with 44 million borrowers overall. Unfortunately, outstanding debt prevents people from starting a business, getting …

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Will Credit Repair Companies Actually Boost My Score?

Credit Repair Companies

If you’ve ever listened to terrestrial radio or watched late-night television, chances are you heard or seen an ad for credit repair companies. You will often find credit repair companies in these mediums. They claim to be able to repair your credit to improve your …

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Are Student Credit Cards a Good Idea?

student credit cards

Graduating from high school to college is a significant achievement for many students. But with it comes a time to try out many things for the first time, one of them being the use of credit cards. Perhaps you have seen banks and financial institutions …

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Startup Business Loans One Way to Finance Your Business

startup business loans

Running your own business is a great way to generate wealth. In times of economic uncertainty, you just can’t rely on a monthly paycheck to keep yourself financially stable. You need another source of income that’s sustainable, making a business a great option to consider …

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Why Building a High Credit Score is So Important

high credit score

Regardless of where you come from or what your goals are in life, you are going to need financial tools on your side in order to realize your dreams. A high credit score is among the most important financial tools ever devised. If carefully cultivated …

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Debt In The United States

flags of the united states

Let’s face it, debt in the United States is a problem. From our national debt, student loan debt, and consumer debt. Debt in the United States is a problem on all levels. Why is that? I’m a firm believer that it starts with the lack …

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Upstart: More Than Your Credit Score

credit score

You are more than your credit score – I believe we can all agree with that. However, it seems like many people have a love/hate relationship with their credit score. Dare I call it an obsession? In many of my coaching sessions to help others …

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