10 Awesome Things To Save Up For As A Teen

teens in field

When you are a teenager, there are many things you can save up for. Some of these things could be small purchases while others could cost thousands of dollars. Where you are a young teen or an older teen, these are things that can be …

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Cash (Money) in Different Languages

Do you ever think of the common words we use around personal finance? Words like debt, money, cash, credit, and retirement. We use them often when talking personal finance, and honestly, we really don’t give them a second thought because we understand them and thief …

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28 Ways to Get Free Stuff Online

free stuff in thought bouble

One trend that never seems to get old is finding free stuff online. Many of us continually look for ways to spend less each month. Swapping pricey products and services for free alternatives is one way to have more cash. There are a variety of places …

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How to Get Free Money: 16 Easy Ways

All of the options mentioned here are legit ways to get free money. As mentioned above, they’ll all take some sort of action on your part.  But the result from all of the ideas here that work for you is the same: Free money! Ways …

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23 Ways to Make Money as a Teen

It’s a pretty common thing for young adults to look for ways to make money as a teen. Chances are your parents provide the basics like food and clothing, but they may require you to use your own money to pay for extras like entertainment, …

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10 Ways to Watch Local TV Without Cable

person watching tv

Are you tired of paying for cable? Here is how you can cut the cord but still watch your favorite local stations. Top Ways to Watch Local Channels In this post, we’re going to cover the best ways you can watch local channels without paying …

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10 Best Places To Sell Your Old Cell Phone

When it’s time to upgrade your phone there’s no need to leave your old one sitting around collecting dust. Instead, check out this list of the best places to sell your old cell phone.  Selling your old cell phone is a great way to earn …

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20 Ways to Get Free Google Play Credits

Google phone apps on screen

There are several ways to get free Google play credits if you’re interested in being able to get more apps for your Android Phone. If you find a lot of apps on Google Play that you like and want to get for free–or get credits …

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10 Best Debit Cards for Kids

My husband and I take our role as parents very seriously, and we’re especially interested in providing a solid financial education to our six children. One thing to consider in this financial education is providing debit cards for kids. Even if your children are younger, …

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Is a Home Warranty Worth the Cost as a Homeowner?

home warranty

The home warranty industry in the United States began in the 1970s for those looking to buy a home. At that point, the real estate sector experienced substantial growth, and a variety of home insurance companies started offering contracts of coverage for home systems and …

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Locus of Control

Do you know what your Locus of Control is? Locus of control is a concept that was developed in the mid-1950s by Julian B. Rotter and referred to the extent a person believes they have internal control over events affecting them or external influences have …

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14 Best Delivery App Jobs That Pay Well

person driving a car

There are many interesting ways to make extra money quickly in today’s “gig economy.” Delivery app jobs are one of the newest trends for boosting your income. It’s possible to deliver meals, groceries and merchandise. You earn a commission for each delivery and the customer …

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