32 Best Online Jobs for Teens

teen using laptop for online job

Flipping burgers and operating a cash register are not the only ways to make money as a teenager. Working online can offer a more flexible schedule than local jobs for teens. Online jobs can also have higher income potential and utilize different skills.  There are …

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13 Easy Ways to Invest with Little Money

investing app on cell phone

A common misbelief is that one must be rich to invest. It’s easy to invest with little money in a variety of assets and save for your goals. More platforms let you “micro invest” and purchase small amounts of expensive assets.  Even if you only …

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15 Best Gig Economy Jobs That Require No Experience

guy driving in car

The gig economy is booming. It has completely changed the landscape for employment and side hustles. Historically, to earn some side hustle income, you’d have to go into a restaurant, bar, retail store, etc. and manually apply to work there to earn income. Now, with …

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Feed The Pig: The Campaign to Save Money

feed the pig

Once upon a time I came across the website feed the pig, while I was flipping through some TV channels and stumbled across the following commercial: I agree aimlessly flipping TV channels is not my best use of my free time, but if I didn’t, …

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13 Best Places to Sell DVDs

I never was a big hoarder of entertainment, but I have been on the lookout for the best places to sell DVDs. So much of our media consumption is now available via streaming services or digital downloads, leaving actual physical products in the dust. Why …

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How to Pay Off Debt This Year

pay off debt

If you have debt, I bet you think about how to pay off debt quite often. In fact, that debt might be the primary source of stress in your life. Debt can make you anxious, keep you up at night, and cause problems in relationships. …

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14 Best Investment Sites

investment graphs on laptop

The thought of investing–and doing it successfully–can be a daunting task. This is especially true if you’re a beginner investor. However, if you’re willing to take advantage of the information on the best investment sites, you’ll have a wealth of investment knowledge right at your …

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23 Best Money Making Apps

girl selecting app on cell phone

There are many ways you can make extra money in your free time. Money making apps make it possible to boost your income when you have a few minutes or can work part-time. It’s possible to earn money by completing short online tasks, shopping and …

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10 Ways to Get Paid to Watch Videos

Want to make money watching videos? Watching videos for rewards – cash or other incentives – is a great way to capitalize on that time. It doesn’t require a lot of brainpower or special skills, and you can hop on and watch whenever you like. …

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21 Best Game Apps To Win Money

If you’re going to play games online, you may as well use the game apps where you can win money. There are several game apps out there that will either straight-out pay you for playing or give you the chance to enter drawings to win …

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21 Easy Ways to Make Money Fast

person holding money

Do you need cash and need it quickly? If so, here is a list of legit ways to make money fast. You might not realize it, but you’ve got several options for getting money quickly right at your fingertips. Whether it’s by using apps that …

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