Some where along the way of getting out of debt, and gaining control over our finances a shift happened, the stress associated with balancing the check book, and paying the bills went away once we began to educate ourselves and came up with a plan for our money in a form of a budget. The shift occurred again as some point in the 50 month journey to become debt free, and I can only think of one word to describe it, passion. I have a passion for all things personal finance.

noun \ˈpa-shən\
: a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something

Now I have no data to back it up, but can only assume that others who have had the same success we have felt the same way. I get a daily reminder of this based on the number of personal finance blogs I read. I have a strong passion and desire to help others with their personal finance issues. Now the question is how do I go about doing that.



I started debt discipline to help stay accountable in my own finances, but also with the hopes that I would help someone in need of information. Someone who might have a family and was struggling with debt similar to we were. Now being debt free I want to continue to blog to show others it’s possible to dig yourself out of a mess, and once you do that you can build wealth. Sharing our debt free scream from Dave Ramsey’s show last week was special, because some many other’s peoples screams from his show help keep us motivated throughout our debt free repayment.


It has started right in our own home with our three children. We are teaching them more about personal finance them we were ever taught. That it’s okay to speak openly about money. I have talked and helped some family members and friends, giving them tips, advice and pointing them to information that helped me. I have had the opportunity to speak to the superintendent of our school district and ask about personal financial education. Just recently I have submitted an application to join a district wide committee to review education for high school students. I have talked with senior management at my company about adopting a personal finance training program.

What’s Next

I’m not sure. I’d like to be able to share my story and help educated other, or even coach others on a one on one level. I’m considering approaching our local civic associations, chamber of commerce, church, etc. I could even run a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University. One other opportunity that has come up recently is Primerica. Now I don’t know how much you know how them, but they are a company that basically run a financial report for you and evaluates all things in your personal finance life, including, life insurance, investing, saving etc. The review provides you with a detailed report and then Primerica has products to help in your particular situation for you to purchase if you’d like. The do offer formal training and the ability to obtain your series 6 license if you join their company. I’m not sure if I want to be in the product selling side of the business or just work coaching people.

So that’s it in a nutshell. I have a strong passion to do something more than just blog with the information I have obtained over the last few years. I want to be able to help others in need of financial education and help them achieve the same success my family has seen.

What’s your passion?



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  1. I think it’s pretty hard to not get passionate about personal finance once you start paying down debt. I mean, as soon as you start looking at how the heck you got there, you realize lots of other people are there too and that no one ever really told you how to avoid it. It makes me want to spread the word too – personal finance is really basic and would make an excellent class in school. I sure would’ve rather taken it than Algebra or Calculus.

  2. I think it’s great that you want to continue to help others now that you’re debt free. I have a similar passion too and wrote a post not so long ago about my thoughts on reaching people in debt or who are struggling with money. It’s really rewarding to get an email from someone I’ve inspired. That’s what keeps me going! I’m sure your blog is inspiring people and sounds like you’re going to be helping people in a much more hands on way.

  3. I’m also passionate about personal finance. Once you realize how good money management can transform your life, you want to share! My goal is to build up a personal finance freelance business, but I’m also looking into what it will take to be a financial planner or financial coach.

    Have you found opportunities to speak locally? That might be a nice way to get started.

  4. I am with you Brian, I am passion about personal finance and I have built my career around it. Nothing makes me happier than helping someone and not only putting them on the right path but keeping them on the right path. In 2015, I plan to take my passion to the next level with my company. I am excited about it.

  5. We are slowly finding a passion or a drive within our financial world. We are getting more educated, less overwhelmed, and more organized. It’s a slow process but that’s ok – it’s like baby weight: if it takes 9 months yo put on the weight, it takes at least 9 months to take it off. It took us years of getting into student loan debt, so I figure it should take that long to get back out!

  6. I’ve got a passion for helping families know that it is possible to reach their financial goals and that it’s possible to think outside the box. Not sure my blog is getting that across, but I’m working on it.

  7. This is so great! It makes me happy to see even more positive things coming out of your journey! I’ve thought about volunteering with VITA to help low income people with taxes. I may just do it once my kids are a bit older.

  8. It’s awesome that you turned the journey into passion instead of drudgery! That’s pretty much how I feel about frugality and personal finance too. People don’t realize how exciting finance is until you start digging into it :). Congrats and I hope you find a good outlet for helping others too!

  9. I’m also passion about saving and frugality. It’s just my hobby- hard to explain. Our life has improved dramatically since we started being serious with out money. I want other people to experience it for themselves!

  10. Yeah I’ve written about passion in the past, and I have it for personal finance as well. I enjoy talking about it on a daily basis with anyone willing to hold a serious conversation on the topic without any excuses. Good luck with all those great meetings.

  11. Brian,
    It’s really amazing how similar your thoughts are after achieving your debt payoff goal to mine are.
    I just posted my Update to our PayoffMy Rentals blog wherein we just paid off the second of three houses and are adjusting the strategy going forward to DGI. We are celebrating this huge milestone for us and we’re kinda ready to retire from blogging. But, I’ve already received one comment asking me to reconsider and think about chronicling the journey as both a rental real estate investor along with DGI investing. I’m intrigued and rethinking it. Anyway, stop by.

  12. So great to hear how personal finance has become your passion. I would definitely say I have a passion for personal finance as well, but I really have a passion for alleviating suffering. It sounds kind of high level and I’m sure there are variations of it, but honestly I feel like we as humans have the potential to cure devastating diseases, create better support for mental and physical health, create a world where people can in general be happier and feel more fulfilled. Not sure how I will “live out” that passion, but it’s something I hope to work on down the road.

  13. I’ve run FPU before and will likely do so again in the future. It’s a great way to facilitate helping people. It also keeps you motivated a) because you have to stay focused to help these people but also b) because you get pumped up by seeing their victories.

  14. Brian, I think it’s awesome that you are now working so diligently to find a way to teach others about personal finance. This is one of my dreams too. For so very many people, struggling for money and the stress of debt is a way of life, and it just doesn’t have to be.

  15. Hi Brian, my passion was recently relit to work towards becoming debt free. I was blogging about my debt for two years but lost focus and so gave up.

    One day I took a step back and worked out what needed to be done. The first thing was to prioritise the issues in my life. The first and most important being debt. The second was the need to share this story of debt and ultimately to help others see that even if their situation seems really bad, that there is way to work through things.

    Once I cleared up in my head what was important I started a new blog and my passion for getting out of debt returned. Sometimes you have to start again, tear up everything you knew before and work on a new way of doing things. Having done that the passion you might have lost comes back, and you become much better for the experience.

  16. Your personal experience paying off debt will help others so much. Sometimes when you are in debt it’s hard to imagine digging yourself out. Hope you find a way to share what you learned outside the blog.

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