Net Worth Update: September 2015

Welcome to our September net worth update. Well we are into the home stretch, the last quarter of 2015. Where did the year go? As I continue in job search mode, we need to take a seriously look at our budget and track it a little more closely. We are burning too much cash. I’ve talked about it for months, but I have finally taken the plunge and set up my Personal Capital account. I’m hoping this will make it easier to track and give us a little more level of detail on a day-to-day basis. It not fun to see are net worth decreasing after so may positive months, but I’m trying to keep a good attitude about it. If we can slow it down until I land something I’ll consider that a win.

Here are our September numbers:

net worth

Net Worth Details

Cash (-$8,894.00): This amount is too high, looking to keep it around the $6k range.

Vanguard (+2,601.38): Given the ups and downs of the market over the last eight weeks I’ll take the positive month.

529s (+$82.48): We are depositing $25 per account each month, not much, but with employment uncertainly we want to hang onto as much cash as possible.


Autos (-$10,701.00): The 2016 models just came out and our 2015 model took a full deprecation upper cut. Still thankfully for two fully paid for and reliable cars in the driveway.

Home ($0.00): Still an estimate, we have no plans on moving anytime soon.

Mortgages ($-559.00): Okay so last months $4 was just a matter of timing. We are back on track this month.

net worth

How was your September? Have you begun preparing for the Holidays?

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  1. Ugh, that $8,000 hit sucks – but at least you have a solid cash reserve to pull from during this time! I hope everything falls back into place with your employment situation shortly!

    1. Yeah the $8k stings, that why I want to get it well under that, since I don’t know what the future holds we can stay afloat longer if things don’t work out in the short term.

  2. The stock market has been brutal the last two months so that’s been the big driver of our net worth changes. Outside of that, not much has changed and we’re thankful for that!

  3. Like you, I prefer not to keep a large cash savings. But I know it is really important during times of income uncertainty, so I think it is smart in your situation. We’ve been trying to gear up for the holidays. I’ve been slowly using things like inbox dollars and using topcashback to earn gift cards I’ll use for the holidays. I even called AAA last week to get a auto insurance quote for a $10 In-n-out gift certificate, it was an offer that once again was in my “junk mail”.

  4. The stock market has been pretty brutal the last few months. Our net worth is down as well. I think at times like this keeping a bit of cash around may be a good idea. Having said that, if you can deploy the cash for long term investment, that might be a good idea when the market is down.

  5. Despite the high spending, it seems like you’re managing yourself and your finances through unemployment really well. Best of luck figuring out what is next!

  6. I know how tough it can be dealing with unemployment. When my dad lost his job, things were extremely tight for us for a while. However, being aware of where your money is going and having a plan to decrease the spending is always a good thing! Here’s to hoping you find something soon!

    September was okay except for, like Stefanie, paying quarterly taxes. It always hurts to send that much out, but I hope I’ll see some of it back in the form of a refund. I’ve been paying extra since this is my first full year of freelancing, and I’m not 100% sure what to expect!

  7. First of all, I still can’t believe that September is over, I feel like it just started! It was an expensive month for me with the conference and back to school spending, but thankfully October is off to a great start.

  8. The stock market is just too harsh right now. I think everyone’s having trouble with their net worth. Those $8000 must of hit you pretty hard!

  9. I can’t help but really hope you land a new job soon. It’s great that you were prepared for this period of unemployment, but I’ll be so happy for you when it’s over, and we can start seeing those numbers climb again. All the best!

  10. Nice results from Vanguard. Congrats, Brian! I have actually started saving for my Christmas fund since September after the expenses for school supplies and paying tuition fees. So far, I think I can cover all the expenses in the most expensive season and would hopefully save something out of it.

  11. It has definitely been a tough couple of months. Of course the answer is to not panic and stay focused on the long-term goals by executing the designed plan. It is always interesting to get a peek at how others are faring.

  12. Planned on recording our income/expenses from September, but unfortunately was sick this weekend. Nice job getting everything set up on Personal Capital. One of these days I will do it…I actually did set up an account with them but haven’t gotten around to getting everything linked up. Someday…..

  13. Brian, my fingers are crossed that you find a fantastic new opportunity soon.

    Like others, I’m so impressed that your investments recorded growth during this crazy period! I’m also shocked that cars depreciate that dramatically and abruptly. But if they’re paid for and you plan to hold onto them for a while, it really doesn’t matter much, does it?

    Best of luck in October!!

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