Net Worth Update: May 2015

Welcome to our May net worth update or as I like to call it the bleeding cash update. This is the first time in many months that our net worth has dipped. As many of you know there is good reason, it’s called a regular income. I’m in search of one. Other than that a regular month so to speak some big decision looming with the 401K and pension now that I’m no longer associated with my employer. On to bigger and better things I keep saying.

Here are our May numbers:

net worth

Net Worth Details

Cash (-4,391.00): Ouch! Hate to part with you, but so glad we have you to fall back on.

401K (+2,110.00): Investment increase here. Decision time for me, I’m looking into my rollover option for my former 401k.

Pension (+223.00): Interest income added this month. Now that I’m no longer with the company I’m seeing it I can roll this to another account and be in better control of this money going forward.

529s (+762.00): Bonds for each child transferred over this money and still waiting on our Upromise deposit.


Autos (-1,124.00): A little dip. Still nice to have two paid for reliable autos in the driveway.

Home ($0.00): Still an estimate, we have no plans on moving anytime soon.

Mortgages ($0.00): No change here, but just do to timing, still slow and steady on the mortgage. Still underwater, but we are getting closer to closing that gap. Our mortgage payment remains our biggest monthly expense.

net worth

How was your May? Where would you roll an old 401K investment to?

21 thoughts on “Net Worth Update: May 2015”

  1. I know it stinks to move in the wrong direction with your cash, but as you have said, thankfully you have the cash to support this transitional period in your life. As far as rolling out your 401k, I think it makes sense to keep things simple and roll it somewhere where you already have banking and/or investment accounts or a site that you like and is easy to use.

  2. Sorry to hear about your rough month. On the other hand it’s awesome that you had some savings to dip into, that’s what it’s for, right? Keep doing what you’re doing, you got this.

    “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” – Henry Ford

  3. It’s always a drag to see a dip in net worth, but the silver lining here is that you were prepared for it with your e-fund. I hope that your job search proves to be encouraging through June. It takes time, and I have no doubt you’ll make great use of it : )

  4. ITs great you have an EF fund to help you for a few months, If it goes below a specific level, you can always sell a car. I have done a rollover in the past, and I choose vanguard. Good luck

    1. The car selling crossed my mind yesterday if it comes to that. I was thinking either fidelity or vanguard for my rollover.

  5. I’m sorry that you had so spend some your cash savings, but I’m impressed by the size of your emergency fund – nice work!

    I’m far from an expert, but I hear wonderful things about Vanguard, especially that they have lots of low-expense options.

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