Net Worth: December 2015

Welcome to our December net worth update. December was a busy month. We had Christmas preparation to deal with. My wife and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. We maintained our recent tradition of going out to dinner on Christmas Eve. We saw Star Wars The Force Awakens. We made a trip into New York City for some sightseeing. Finally, for New Year’s we stayed home and watch the ball drop on television.

There was penalty of good food eaten during the month. Maybe a little too much, I always hope to catch a break in January, but have my birthday and wife’s to content with.

On to the numbers, I continue to poke around Personal Capital* using all of the free tools that they have available. I really like having one place to aggregate all of my accounts. Part of the children’s Christmas gift this year was cash for clothes shopping. It was interesting to see them shop and check prices as they made decisions on clothes. All three walked away with some new clothes and all under their budget.

Overall we spent a little more this month as planned due to Christmas. Overall it was well worth the cost. We had a wonderful Christmas.

I hope to have some good news to share shortly on the job search front. There has been some progress, and a lot of activity during December. I’m looking to kick off the New Year with a fresh start. Stay tuned.

Here are our December numbers:

net worth

Net Worth Details

Cash (-$8,349.00): Our typically budget is around $6k. We spent more during December as planned for Christmas.

Vanguard (-$4,347.00):  Hopefully the New Year will bring some consistency back to the market. Overall the last ninety days seem pretty flat.

net worth

529s (+$63.36): Baby steps here. We are depositing $25 per account each month, not much, once employment changes we will reevaluate this bucket.


Autos (-$1,100.00): I use Kelley Blue Book for our car values. A little dip this month. Still a good feeling to have two paid for cars in the driveway.

Home ($0.00): Still an estimate, we have no plans on moving any time soon.

Mortgages ($-750.00): Our one and only liability. Slow and steady wins the race right? After I’m back to work full-time the priority will be our e-fund, and college funding. Once those are complete we plan on attacking the mortgage.

net worth

How was your December?  How was Christmas? What are your big plans for 2016?

*The Personal Capital link is an affiliate link. If you sign up, the blog makes a little bit of money. Personal Capital is a free tool and a great way to keep track of your net worth. I only recommend products or services that I use personally and believe you would benefit from.

31 thoughts on “Net Worth: December 2015”

  1. Sounds like we had the same New Year’s Eve party, Brian! We love staying at home on NYE. 🙂 Our spending was surprisingly low considering we had Christmas expenses, but that’s a good thing I s’pose. 🙂

  2. My Dad is a huge Star Wars geek so for his bday I bought our whole family tickets to go see The Force Awakens on Christmas Day. It was a lot of fun and I’m so glad they are making Star Wars films again.

    As far as December? I haven’t had enough time to review my income/spending yet but hopefully it was an uneventful month 😉

  3. Happy to hear you might have good news on the job front, and happy you had such a wonderful Christmas! I’ve always wanted to go to NY around the holidays. It looks so pretty there! Best of luck in the new year Brian!

  4. Happy anniversary bud!! Ive been meaning to watch star wars, just am waiting on the hype to die down a bit. Something about a super packed movie theater doesnt sit right with me.

    Im glad you had a good holidays and looking forward to the new year.

    1. Thanks! Congrats to you on the engagement, exciting news! Kids are back in school now the coast should be clear. I’m thinking of going back to see it again.

  5. Sounds like a pretty good month. We spent a lot more than normal in December because we had a lot of travelling to do. It was fun, but I’m glad to be “back to normal” for January.

  6. Really looking forward to your announcement of “good news on the job front” Brian! You’ve been showing a real grace under pressure – not to mention a real life example of why emergency funds are so important. Our goal for 2016 is to have our e-fund completely funded and to keep up a steady “core strength” with savings, investments, mortgage payments, and giving while we spend as wisely as possible.

    1. Thanks Ruth. Looking forward to kicking the year off right and with a fresh start. We are right there with you guys. It’s a building wealth kinda year.

  7. Happy 2016 Brian!! We had a great December because we took a last minute family trip to Mexico and it was the first beach trip like this for my son and he literally smiled for 4 days straight. As a parent, that is the greatest Christmas gift you can ever imagine.

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