Headline Skimming

Typically each morning I check my feed reader to get the latest news and posts from the blogs that I follow. I usually spend about a half hour between 5:30-6:30 AM each weekday reading and commenting before getting ready for work. I do a lot of headline skimming to cherry pick the articles I want to read in the short period of time. I often circle back during lunch or later in the evening and read additional articles that did not pass my initial criteria.

I admit I have some favorite sites that I will visit no matter what the headline reads. My favorites are many, but often find the ones I relate to the best are of fellow bloggers with similar stories or ones I just simply enjoy reading their writing.

Headline Skimming
I often pass over the headlines that start with numbers. You know the ones: “20 Ways…”, “10 Things…” 7 Savvy…” Now I have been guilty of these type of posts myself, but when looking over my own blog there have been two such posts in the past year and both were done by guests. I guess maybe I should be thinking more about evergreen content.

These type of list posts are usually helpful, but often leave me feeling a little empty. Sure the information and advice may get your head nodding, but rarely do they present some awe-inspiring motivation.

So with that in mind I present to you my top 10 fake personal finance headlines.

Top 10 Fake Personal Finance Headlines

10. 7 Ways to Steal your Neighbors Coupons
9. 4 Tips to Increase Late fees
8. 5 Reasons you’ll Never Get a Raise or a Job for that Matter
7. 6 Ways the IRS is investigating you Right Now
6. 30 Things to spend all your money on before your 30.
5. 3 Items you’ll find in the Snow of a Debt Snowball, but never in a Debt Avalanche.
4. The 10 Best Apps for Gambling & Losing Money.
3. 12 Ways to get Dirt Cheap Ground Beef.
2. 10 Best Mail Order Bride Companies.

And the Number one Fake Personal Finance Headlines is:

1. Shove your Credit Card in this 1 Place to Keep it Safe.

Happy Friday!

30 thoughts on “Headline Skimming”

  1. ha ha so much word brutha! I have pretty much been doing the same thing. It’s funny because that’s the stuff we write where I work because yes, it DOES do very well, but it’s definitely not the point of my blog. I almost feel anti-numbers now (again, for my own blog-in case anyone I work with is reading this lol!). Sooo many PF blogs have lost their soul!

  2. Haha I liked these fake posts. I’ve been pushing for our site to have more and more of the list-type posts or “how to” posts. They seem to perform better than the other posts so it’s hard not to use them as much as possible.

  3. Hahaha — enjoyed the laugh! I do run out of patience quickly for blogs that are such total clickbait. I’d rather have thoughtful, long-form content any day than some Buzzfeed-style laundry list. 🙂

  4. I think listicles started out being pretty good, but thanks to their popularity they’ve degenerated into… well, what they are now. Now they’re like the fast food of web content. Fast, easy, entertaining, but “nutritionally” vacant.

  5. As a blogger, I struggle with this a great deal, since I think those posts generate a lot of traffic and interest. Heck, I’ve clicked on many of them myself! But I almost always feel that I’ve received no new or useful information after I’ve read them, and therefore I do not write them.

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