Doctor Evil Money

No it’s not one hundred billion dollars, but this Wednesday Powerball lottery jackpot is estimated at $1.3 billion.  Yes I said billion and that’s a lot of money. The New York State lottery web site has the prize listed at $999 million because it can’t simply display the 1 billion dollar prize because this is the first time in lottery history the prize has grown to this size. Now keep in mind the odds of winning are one in 292 million, but with a prize this big I am sure there will be even more people playing in the next few days. Get ready for an endless blitz of news stories and social media post on the topic.


My Social media feeds have been littered with Powerball mentions over the last week, many stating they’ve purchased tickets, others sharing posts hoping if someone else’s wins they will get a piece of their winnings, and many stating what they would do with the cash. Just search the #Powerball for some entertainment. I think this tweet sums up the size of the jackpot pretty well.

Some other funny tweets:


I only gamble when I have the money to lose. I usually play the lottery when the prize goes over a 100 million.  So, I will defiantly be getting my tickets for a price ten times that amount. I mean I could buy sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads! My wife and I were talking about the prize and I’m not sure winning this amount of money would be a blessing. You might have to go into hiding after winning that kind of money. The lump sum would vary depending on what state you win the price because of different tax laws, but the guess is roughly $800 million.


Still it’s fun to dream about a windfall that large. My children asked about what percentage of the winnings of the price money they could have if we won. I said there would be a shiny new $50 gift card in their futures. They laughed. College funds, car funds, and house funds all would be set. It’s fun to dream a little. With this kind of money there is a lot of good and help that could be done. It’s my birthday week and you just never know.

Do you play lottery? What would you do with a windfall this large?

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  1. We’ve played for the last week or so, and will buy a ticket before Wednesday, because day dreams are fun. I do think winning would be hard…especially on kids. (although we’ve assured our daughter that if we win, yes, she can have a Barbie Dreamhouse. Otherwise, keep saving your allowance, kid.) How do you stay grounded? How do you teach your kids to work for what they want if they can buy anything? I guess that’s why Zuckerberg/Gates/Buffett are giving most of their money to charity.

    1. It would be tough on the family. Really tough to teach the kids about hard work and that kind of money is handed to you, but fun to dream.

  2. I bought a few tickets for my mom because she just had surgery and can’t drive! I can’t believe no one won. I don’t normally play, but I will definitely pick up a few tickets this week!

  3. Wow, that image of a million vs. a million is pretty eye-opening. Gambling has never appealed to me. So I’m not going to start buying tickets now. But it’s definitely fun to think about what I’d do with the money: 1) take care of my family and 2) dedicate the rest of my life to art and music.

  4. It would almost be better to win a lesser part of the price (maybe a $100 million dollar match instead). All the focus would be on the big winner and you could quietly take your money, invest it, and help out a few friends and charities you’ve been waiting to help out.

  5. We will play when it gets up to these crazy amounts. I mean who would play when its at $50 million – that is barely enough to live on ;).

    Whenever I do buy a ticket, however, I move double the amount of the ticket to savings so I feel a little better about myself haha.

  6. I’ve never been either a gambler or lottery player (save for a very, very few times I’ve bought a ticket in my life). I just don’t see the point. I guess it can be kind of fun, but the other day I saw a line a half mile long to get a ticket. My time is too precious for that. 🙂

  7. We usually play once a year around this time, but didn’t buy a ticket due to having to stand in line (priorities). I like playing the dreaming game though.

  8. I am rooting for you, Brian. It would be cool if someone trained in financial matters with disciplines in place, and a willingness to help others won. So often it’s people who don’t know how to manage their money and it ends up hurting them. Loved the image representing a billion versus a million. And the laser sharks. 🙂

  9. I will confess — we bought a few Powerball tickets last week, in advance of the Saturday drawing that no one won. But we’re going to sit it out this round. It’s fun to dream about never worrying about money again, and being able to move our early retirement timeline up to NOW, but we don’t want to have to go into hiding. We’ll let someone else who needs that money more be the winner instead. 🙂

  10. I only play in situations like this where the payout is so huge that it’s tough to sit on the sidelines. In fact I’m about to go buy tickets right after I’m done working on a few things. I think life will be “tough” for the person who wins, but in a very strange and different way than most people would define “tough.”

  11. The idea of winning $1 billion dollar is so out of this world I can’t even understand the idea… but that picture is a good visual guide. I told myself if I end up driving across the border to get gas before the draw, I’ll get a ticket. But looks like I won’t so I won’t bother driving across just to get a ticket. 🙂

  12. The UK lottery was also at a high on the same week at a paltry £53 million! Still I entered. I also, shamefully, managed to find a website where I could enter the powerball as well as a syndicate! 🙂

    Safe to say I didn’t win either.

    I agree the money would be a curse rather than a blessing. I genuinely think I would have to give 90% of it away or invest it in social causes, but even then that brings a whole world of pain in deciding who is the most deserving charity etc…

    So I don’t know why I waste my money playing really! 😀

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